Why business cards are the most important tool to promote your business (even before launching)

You are starting a business. You have the idea, is a product or service that will revolutionize the market. You’re planning production, development, deliveries, suppliers and more.

What about business cards?

Before you do everything related to prepare your business, you need a piece of marketing that will allow to introduce yourself to all those people that you meet previous the preparation/launching of your business.

Even if your business is not ready, you’ll be able to start promoting it since before launch. Don’t worry, you can always clarify your business is in preparation mode.

Definitely, you can do the preparation without business cards, but, won’t would better to start promoting from the start?

So a piece of advise, start with the logo, identity and BUSINESS CARDS! then you can continue preparing for launch and you’ll be able to start promoting yourself!


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