Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make SAME DAY business cards?
NO, we offer only high-quality business cards, which we can’t make in one day with home equipment. 

Can you do 100 or 50 business cards?
We can’t. The minimum we do is 250 business cards for $35, click here to order.

What’s the setup fee?
The setup fee applies only to new clients. Includes graphic design service and preparing the files for printing. After your first order, since we already have the files ready, we only charge you for the printing of the business cards.

Where are you located?
We currently home-based at 3631 Callaghan Road, San Antonio Tx 78228. Call to schedule a visit.

Can I pick up my cards instead of getting them by shipping?
Yes, although it doesn’t change the time or cost of processing, you can choose to pick up your order when it’s ready.

Is the design included or do I have to bring my own design?
You can design your own cards however if it’s your first time ordering with us there’s a $50 setup which you pay only once.

How long does it take for the order to process?
3 to 4 business days.

How can I explain to you the design I want?
With a phone call or through email or text message to or 210-636-2260

How soon can you send me the first draft?
If you order before 12 pm, we’ll send you a draft before the end of the day. If you order after 12 pm, we’ll send you a first draft no later than the next morning before noon.

I don’t have a logo, can you help me do it?
Yes, the logo design service is extra and $200, we offer up to 3 proposals and 3 rounds of changes.

I already have a logo, how can I send it to you?
You can email your logo and other files you want us to use to

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